J U D I T H   W E S T E R V E L D



A collection of images and texts, research and experiments that feed my work.


dialogue ear marijke johannes covered grey woman speaking TRC apartheid archive narrative red man
dutch corvette historic drawing table mountain maquette mquette colonized cape town trading slave friday
jan van riebeeck hedge colonized ground cape town historic map cape town jan van riebeeck hedge jan van riebeeck hedge ship coming
colonisers planting kirstenbosch botanical garden dagboek jan van riebeeck segregation train platform robben island prison wall under the palm tree
ghosts marijke sarah ocean swimming girl bed homeless blue water fire footsteps red earth
pink sofas ruffled bed bathroom light stickers childs room reconstructed bathroom empty house
rights radio blue cover yellow writing TRC website transcript TRC animal bones
home dinner table tsunami floating house bird wing broken white furniture table fragments
migration immigrant docks abstract ship charred door lighthouse cape town cloaked immigrants
boschendal volcanic ashes jacaranda suburbs white washing on line boulevard durban diversity monument