J U D I T H   W E S T E R V E L D



8 pigmented inkjet prints 81,1 x 56,4 cm each
Hahnemüle White Velvet paper






























A hedge of indigenous wild almond trees was planted in 1659 by Jan van Riebeeck, VOC employee and the Dutch Commander of the Cape, South Africa from 1652 to 1662. Together with a 16 km construction of wooden fence and watchtowers it formed the 25 km long eastern boundary of the Dutch colonial settlement that ran from the mouth of the Salt River through Rondebosch to Kirstenbosch in what is now Cape Town.

The photo collage series Echolocation traces the geographical locations where the barrier used to run through the urban landscape of contemporary Cape Town. One-ways, highways and railways, restricted (military, hospital, astronomical, private) areas and public parks where photographed. Each place is an echo of the lineage of the hedge in the form of constructed barriers, restricted movement and preconceived ways of looking at one another. At all times past and present intertwine. The personal memories that the places trigger and their historical references are scribbled on layers of yellow ‘post-it’ notes. The photos are presented in order of distance of the hedge, representing the following places and roads:
1,50 km Ysterplaat Railway station, 3,24 km Observatory Road, 3,46 km Liesbeek Parkway, 4,79 km Lancaster Road, 7,66 km Oakhurst Avenue, 10,44 km Harfield Road, 10,58 km Main Road and 17,86 km Klaassens Road.

Echolocation has been published in a special issue of ZAM Magazine ‘Between Bitter Almonds and Good Hope’, in collaboration with journalist Evelyn Groenink.


1,50 km Ysterplaat Railway station
















3,24 km Observatory Road


















3,46 km Liesbeek Parkway




















text excerpts 3,46 km Liesbeek Parkway























4,79 km Lancaster Road
























7,66 km Oakhurst Avenue




















text excerpts 7,66 km Oakhurst Avenue




















10,44 km Harfield Road



















10,58 km Main Road

















17,86 km Klaassens Road


















Installation Ecolocation at Framer Framed, Amsterdam
Photo credit: Laura E. Tompa