J U D I T H   W E S T E R V E L D



Single channel HD video, colour, stereo sound


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Kulimatji interweaves the life stories and the different ways of storytelling of the late !xun San master storyteller Kapilolo Mahongo and rapper/musician Baka Jashula aka Obrigado in Platfontein, South Africa. 'Kulimatji' is a word in the !xun language that indicates the stories that you as a person carry with you, tell and pass on. Kapilolo Mahongo tells traditional San stories that have been passed on for centuries from generation to generation, and also speaks about how colonialism affected him and his people when living in Angola and Namibia. They exist side by side with contemporary forms of storytelling. Like music: songs and rap made by the younger generation of the !xun community such as rapper Obrigado that detail daily life, as well as the worries and hardships the community currently faces. Since the !xun language is only spoken by a few thousand people and is not politically recognized as an official language, the language is endangered. The film addresses the relationship between oral history, different forms of storytelling, and maintaining and protecting the !xun language.

Thank you to the late Kapilolo Mahongo and his family, Baka Jashuala aka Obrigado and his family, X-K FM radio and its staff Regina Beregho, Malton Edburg and Elemia Ridgeley, Marlene Sullivan Winberg and the Manyeka Arts Trust.