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Q-U-I-J-T Beelden voor de radio
Sound performance with Jesse Ahlers
Residency De Torenkamer, Opium Radio 4, Avrotros
1' 22''
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Script Q-U-I-J-T Beelden voor de radio












During a one week residency in De Torenkamer organized by Opium Radio op 4, Jesse Ahlers and Judith Westerveld created the sound performance Q-U-I-J-T Beelden voor de radio (2015). They kept a written blog and spoke about the process of creating the work together on the radio during the week, culminating in a live performance on air during the final radio broadcast at the end of the week.

Jan van Riebeeck's journal (“Daghregister”) that he kept while he was commander of the Cape, South Africa between 1652-1662, formed an archival source for the work. The sound performance is based on a script of words and sounds, produced by two voices. By means of this ‘collaging technique’ part of the historical narrative is reshaped into a new monologue, thereby questioning and reflecting on who and what is heard and remembered, as well as what it means to (not) speak and use the voice in its many different registers. Reading the diary in its original 17th century Dutch language allowed them to feel both the closeness but also the distance when compared to the pronunciation and meaning of contemporary Dutch language and culture. Though many of these sentences are rather forgotten, they are easily uttered today, sentences that reflect an imperial mentality and rhetoric.