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Sida Îtse
Single channel HD video, colour, stereo sound


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Sida Îtse captures the teaching and learning process of the Khoe language Khoekhoegowab between Bradley van Sitters and Judith Westerveld. Van Sitters, as a heritage activist, is the initiator of the Khoikhoi Language Revitalisation Initiative in Cape Town and teaches the language Khoekhoegowab. Van Sitters composed personalized language lessons based on a text that he felt needed to be heard and taught. He selected two prayers both called the Our Father (Sida Îtse), however, one is the indigenous Khoikhoi prayer and the other the Christian prayer by the same name. The learning process also included following Khoekhoegowab language classes that Van Sitters teaches at Stellenbosch University as part of the !AL-OM Aboriginal Customary Council Stellenbosch Taal Projek, organized by Karel King, Estelle Pikkeur and Timo !Ngonnemaoa and attended by many participants. Through the prayers, the language learning process and the dialogue that unfolded concerning the history of the language and the people who speak it, the video provides an attempt to redress the violent shared history of the Netherlands and South Africa, as well as to reimagine present and future interactions.